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Assessment of the Bauxite Industry of Guinea - 30-page report detailing ownership, grades and estimated cost structures, forecast outputs etc for Guinea’s new bauxite export projects.    
India is the world’s second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people across 29states and 7 union territories.    
The emergence of the Malaysian Regency of Kuantan as a major exporter of bauxite to China has been a game-changing event for the 3rd party traded bauxite market. Chinese alumina refiners reliant on imported bauxite have moved quickly to extract large volumes at low cost. When Malaysia first emerged as a significant bauxite exporter to China, CM ...
A printed map that consists of a list of active alumina refineries and primary aluminium smelters in China, with their name, location and capacity by 2017(f).
CBIX is "value in use" CFR reference price for a standard gibbsitic bauxite (5% reacting silica, 10% moisture, 50% reacting alumina - 5/10/50) which reflects the market conditions for bauxite imports into China. Each CBIX value is a 30 day rolling, value in use, trade weighted, average price of a representative sample of bauxite imports into Chi...
The CM Group rolls out its new publication, The CM China Brief. The first trial edition, highlighting the turmoil created by Weiqiao Textiles Group's decision to compete with China's state electricity grid in Shandong, is available for you upon request (The Weiqiao Textiles Group is now competing directly with the State Grid in China's Shandong ...