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2016 Assessment of Malaysia's Bauxite Mining Industry
2016 Assessment of Malaysia's Bauxite Mining Industry

The emergence of the Malaysian Regency of Kuantan as a major exporter of bauxite to China has been a game-changing event for the 3rd party traded bauxite market. Chinese alumina refiners reliant on imported bauxite have moved quickly to extract large volumes at low cost.

When Malaysia first emerged as a significant bauxite exporter to China, CM released an report on Malaysia's bauxite industry at the beginning of 2015, which details bauxite reserves and resources in Malaysia, along with typical grades, mining costs and commentary around current government policy.

Half year later, with more field studies to investigate the source of growing bauxite exports to China, CM released an updated assessment on Malaysia's bauxite industry, which estimates bauxite reserves in Malaysia's Kuantan region, as well as forecasting export tonnages from the region to 2020 and beyond. The updated report also details the current cost structure of the industry, explains the different mining permits in Malaysia and comments on whether the current crackdown on permits will impact future export tonnages.

By end 2015, CM has undertaken four extensive field studies in Malaysia between December 2014 to and December 2015.

In January 2016, CM released a third report on Malaysia's bauxite industry, which incorporates all our key findings from latest field trips and more in depth analysis of latest developments in the Malaysia's bauxite industry.



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