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The CM Group rolls out its new publication, The CM China Brief.

The first trial edition, highlighting the turmoil created by Weiqiao Textiles Group's decision to compete with China's state electricity grid in Shandong, is available for you upon request (The Weiqiao Textiles Group is now competing directly with the State Grid in China's Shandong Province to provide electricity from its own generators, and through its own grid, in an attempt to break the current state monopoly. What will happen next? Will Weiqiao be successful? And what are the implications for other provinces and industries? What might be the impact on costs for high base-load users such as aluminium smelters? It's an issue worthy of close scrutiny and an example of one we will continue to monitor closely through this publication. Indeed, all the industries we cover (Al, Ni, Mg, Mn, Mo, W, coal, electricity and many more) will be included in the service. This new initiative will provide your business with timely, credible, industry intelligence out of China, accurately translated and CM-branded.)

This newsletter is sent on a daily basis with major news of nonferrous industries in China.

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